July 15, 2024

Ashneer Grover, the entrepreneur and well-known personality from Shark Tank India, is once again at the center of controversy. This time, the issue arises from his demand for comedian Aashish Solanki to take down a roast video featuring Grover. Despite initially agreeing to appear as a guest on the roast show, Grover later insisted that his segment be edited out, claiming he couldn’t handle the jokes aimed at him.

Aashish Solanki, the host of the comedy series Pretty Good Roast, expressed his frustration in a video statement. “TV pe log talent dikhaane jaate hai, yeh aaukat dikha kar aagya [People appear on TV to show their talent, and this guy showed his status]. Apni company se kaun nikala jata hai yaar [Who gets kicked out of their own company]?” Solanki remarked, alluding to Grover’s controversial exit from his company.


As the video continued, Solanki highlighted the difficulties in producing a show. “Doston apna show banane ke bohot challenges hote hain mujhe abhi abhi pata chala. Aur pata yeh chala ki ye jo humne episode shoot kiya tha uske baad hame hamare guest ne bataya ki ye waale jokes wo bilkul nahi jhel paaye hai. Toh ab hume sadly unka poora part kaatna padega [There are several challenges in running a show and I realize it now. The guest refused to appear on the show as he couldn’t take the joke. So, we had to remove his portion from the video].”

Commentators were quick to criticize Grover, questioning his ability to handle criticism. “Why did he even go there if he can’t handle it and has such a fragile ego? The other person spent a lot of money on the show, and it isn’t sponsored by anyone. The roasters gave their valuable time and effort to write jokes,” one commentator noted.

Reacting to the incident, another user emphasized the challenges faced by the show’s organizers, particularly given the absence of sponsorship. “I’ve been seeing every episode of this show, with no sponsor it would be especially hard for him to organize the show — you can’t just pull out of a show just like this,” they said.


Following the backlash, Solanki issued a clarification on Instagram, stating, “Ep 5 of Pretty Good Roast hata diya hai dosto. Legal Battle ladne ka paisa nahi hai. Sab show pe laga diya tha [The episode has been removed, my friends. I don’t have money to fight a legal battle as I used up all of it to create this show].”

The incident highlights the challenges and controversies that can arise in the world of entertainment, particularly when public figures react negatively to the content they have agreed to participate in.


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