July 15, 2024

In a recent interview with WION News, Animesh Agarwal, also known as 8bit Thug and Co-Founder of S8UL, shed light on the evolving landscape of the gaming industry in India and its potential to become a significant contributor to the country’s economic growth.

When asked about the steps being taken to establish video gaming as a professional career path, Agarwal emphasized the diverse opportunities within the gaming sector. He highlighted the increasing prominence of game development studios in India, stating, “with close to 4000 game development studios at end of existence in the country, I believe that it opens up a lot of different career paths for the upcoming and the current generation of people who would want to make a career in gaming.” He also underscored the rising popularity of esports, noting the growing number of professional gamers in India.


Agarwal further elaborated on the economic significance of the gaming industry, citing statistics that indicate substantial growth in revenue and employment opportunities. He mentioned, “if you look at the CAGR, it’s been close to $3 billion already…it’s about to reach around $7 billion by FY 28.” Additionally, he highlighted the potential for job creation within the industry, stating, “we are talking about 100,000 skilled employees…but I definitely believe that this number is way higher.”

Animesh Agarwal aka Thug on WION NEWS
Courtesy : WION NEWS

Regarding expectations from the government, Agarwal expressed confidence in India’s forward-thinking approach, citing initiatives such as Make in India and Digital India as catalysts for industry growth. He noted the government’s recognition of gaming and animation as key sectors and expressed optimism about the formulation of supportive policies in the future.

In conclusion, Animesh Agarwal’s insights underscore the transformative potential of the gaming industry in India, both economically and culturally. As the sector continues to thrive and innovate, it presents promising opportunities for individuals seeking to pursue careers in gaming and contribute to the nation’s digital revolution.


The interview with Animesh Agarwal offers valuable insights into the trajectory of the gaming industry in India, highlighting its potential to drive economic growth and foster innovation in the years to come.


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