July 15, 2024

A woman in Uttar Pradesh’s Noida claimed she found an unwelcome guest, a centipede, inside an Amul vanilla ice cream tub that she ordered online. The shocking incident came days after a doctor from Mumbai discovered a human finger while enjoying his ice cream that he ordered online.

The woman, Deepa, a resident of Noida Sector-12, had ordered Amul vanilla ice cream via Blinkit on Saturday. When she received and opened the ice cream box, she was shocked to find a dead centipede, frozen, stuck inside.

Courtesy: Mint

She then posted a video on social media, showing the many-legged intruder and narrating her experience. Once the video went viral, Blinkit refunded Deepa’s money and initiated an investigation. Amul also reached out to the woman to assure her that they would look into the matter.

A food department team took note of Deepa’s video and went to her house for questioning as part of its investigation. After questioning her, the food department officials visited the Blinkit store in Sector-22, from where the ice cream tub with the centipede in it, had been dispatched.

The officials inspected the place where the Amul ice cream vanilla tubs were kept and sent samples of them for testing. It is being said that a lot of dust was found at the Blinkit store, raising hygiene concerns.


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