July 23, 2024

Total Gaming

Ajay, better known online as Total Gaming or better known to his fans as Ajju Bhai, is an Indian gaming YouTuber who streams Garena Free Fire battle royale gameplay live on YouTube. He is the most subscribed Indian gaming YouTuber.

Real NameAjay
Height5ft 10 In (170 cm)
ProfessionYouTuber, Gamer


Ajay was born in Ahmedabad, Gujarat in 1994 and is 30 years old as of year 2023.


Ajay completed his education at an undisclosed school, after which he earned a diploma and eventually dropped out.

Despite being the most subscribed gaming YouTuber in India, YouTube is not his full-time occupation; He is a software developer, freelancer, and “growth hacker” believed to be based in Surat, Gujarat. He can code in many languages, including PHP and JavaScript.


Ajju Bhai known as Total Gaming was born in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. In addition to YouTube, he is also a freelancer, software engineer, and growth hacker. YouTube gave Ajay a distinctive identity and also gave him the largest free-fire channel in India.

This included Ajay’s hard work and passion for games. Considering that Free Fire is a very popular game, Ajay started the channel on YouTube and is now one of the best YouTubers in India.

Total Gaming enjoys watching YouTube vlogs. And he says on his live stream that his favorite vlogger is Sourav Joshi.

Total Gaming - Ajju Bhai
Total Gaming – Ajju Bhai

Total Gaming Net Worth

As per the latest reports, Total gaming aka Ajju Bhai’s net worth is around $3 million. If we converted it into Indian rupees his net worth is around ₹24 crore INR.

His main earning source is YouTube but he also has various income sources like Job as a Software Developer, Brand Promotion, Brand collaboration, and many more.

His monthly income is around ₹7 lakhs to ₹8 lakhs Indian rupees. Total Gaming’s annual income is around ₹3 crore to ₹5 crore, which increases year by year by around 20%.

Net Worth$3 Million
Net Worth In Indian Rupees24 Crore INR
Monthly Income And Salary8 Lakhs +
Yearly Income4 Crore +
Income SourceGaming, Endorsement, YouTube, Software Developer
Total Gaming - Ajju Bhai with Zakir Khan
Total Gaming – Ajju Bhai with Zakir Khan

Social Media of Total Gaming

Ajay’s social media reach has expanded to other platforms including Instagram, loco YouTube and other social media handles.

Instagramtotalgaming_official4.8M followers
YouTube@totalgaming09339.8M followers
Twitter@total_gaming093266.6K Followers
Facebooktotalgaming5.1M followers
Locototalgaming13.1K Followers

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Who is Total Gaming?
Ans. Jonathan Gaming is one of the top Indian Esports player.

2. What is the age of Total Gaming?
Ans. Total Gaming is around 29 years old.

3. What is the real name of Total Gaming?
Ans. Ajay is the real name of Total Gaming.

4. What is the height of Ajju Bhai?
Ans. Ajju Bhai is 5 feet 10 inch tall.

5. What is the monthly income of Total Gaming?
Ans. The monthly income of Total Gaming is around 8 Lakhs rupees.

7. Total Gaming is famous for?
Ans. Total Gaming is famous for playing Free Fire and live streaming on Youtube.

8. What is the net worth of  Total Gaming?
Ans. Total Gaming’s net worth is around $2 million to $3 million USD and in Indian rupees  ₹15 crores to ₹18 crores.


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