July 15, 2024
Kapil Sharma Show

Recently, the actor revealed why he has never attended award ceremonies. While making an appearance at The Great Indian Kapil Show, the actor smiled and shared, ‘Time is precious. You should use it wisely.’

Superstar Aamir Khan, known for his selective public engagements, has finally graced the set of ‘The Great Indian Kapil’ show, marking his debut appearance. The release of the much-anticipated teaser featuring Khan has sent ripples across social media platforms, igniting excitement among fans worldwide.


In the teaser, Kapil Sharma, the affable host, engages in his signature banter with Khan, eliciting candid responses from the acclaimed actor. Khan, known for his wit and wisdom, sheds light on his decision to eschew film award ceremonies, underscoring the importance of time management. He emphasizes that time is precious and should be used wisely, providing insight into his perspective on such events.

Moreover, Aamir Khan is gearing up for his comeback with RS Prasanna’s ‘Sitaare Zameen Par’, adding another layer of anticipation among his fans. This forthcoming project adds to the excitement surrounding Khan’s return to the silver screen.

The episode promises an abundance of laughter as Khan shares amusing anecdotes from his family life, including his children’s influence on his wardrobe choices. Revealing that his attire for the show was selected by his children the night before, Khan offers a glimpse into his off-screen persona.


A particularly memorable moment unfolds when Kapil Sharma jests about Khan’s iconic scene in the film ‘PK,’ where he appears naked with only a radio. Sharma’s witty remark, “PK mein Radio ki frequency zara si idhar udhar ho jaati toh saara broadcast wahin ho jaata,” triggers hearty laughter from Khan and the audience alike.

‘The Great Indian Kapil Show,’ now airing weekly on Netflix, continues to enthrall audiences with its star-studded lineup and engaging banter. With Aamir Khan’s highly anticipated appearance, the show promises yet another delightful episode for viewers to relish.

In summary, Aamir Khan’s debut on ‘The Great Indian Kapil’ show sparks excitement and anticipation, offering viewers an opportunity to witness the charm and wit of one of Bollywood’s most celebrated actors as he prepares for his comeback with ‘Sitaare Zameen Par’.


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