July 15, 2024


Anubhav Dubey, the innovative mind behind Chai Sutta Bar (CSB) comes with another innovation, “MaaTea”, as he doesn’t just follow conventional paths to success – he creates his own. Drawing inspiration from Mumbai’s iconic dabbawalas, renowned for their flawless food delivery system, Dubey discovered invaluable management lessons in their precision and efficiency.

“Dabbawalas epitomize punctuality, efficiency, and error minimization in delivery services,” explains Dubey, highlighting the unconventional sources of his management insights.


Driven by a passion for revolutionizing India’s tea Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) scene, Dubey’s journey with CSB has been nothing short of extraordinary. With an impressive 380 outlets already established, including international locations in Dubai and Nepal, Dubey’s sights are now set on Southern India. And that’s not all – CSB has expanded its footprint globally, with recent incorporations in the US, UK, and Canada.

“Chai Sutta Bar now boasts five owned outlets, with more on the horizon, all operating under the franchise model,” reveals Dubey, emphasizing the strategic role franchising plays in CSB’s expansion plans.

Maatea: A Premium Tea Experience Crafted by the Visionaries of Chai Sutta Bar

Courtesy: ET Retail

Discover the exquisite world of Maatea, a premium tea brand meticulously developed by the creative minds behind Chai Sutta Bar: Anubhav Dubey, Anand Nayak, and Rahul Patidar. Here’s a glimpse into the essence of this delightful tea venture:


Uncompromising Quality: Maatea sources its tea leaves from the verdant gardens of Assam and West Bengal, ensuring top-notch quality. Harvested with care, these leaves find their way into your cup within just 90 days, delivering unparalleled freshness and flavor.

Curated Excellence: Immerse yourself in Maatea’s curated selection, featuring the finest tea leaves from around the world. Each blend is carefully chosen to offer a symphony of rich flavors and enticing aromas, promising an indulgent tea experience.

Custodians of Tradition: Beyond being passionate tea enthusiasts, Maatea stands as guardians of age-old tea traditions. Rooted in a deep-seated commitment to preserving the authenticity of tea culture, their journey began with a heartfelt dedication to tradition.

Ethical Stewardship: Maatea’s ethos revolves around sustainability and ethical sourcing practices, making it a beacon of responsible tea cultivation and consumption. Their unwavering dedication to ethical standards has cemented Maatea as an integral part of tea heritage.

A Taste of Success: With an impressive track record of over 500 orders and glowing customer testimonials, Maatea has swiftly emerged as the tea lover’s ultimate choice. Join the legions of tea aficionados who have embraced Maatea’s commitment to excellence and tradition.


As we continue to witness the journey of Anubhav Dubey and his ventures, it’s evident that his relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation will continue to shape the landscape of the tea industry for years to come. Join us in celebrating the remarkable achievements of Dubey and the enduring success of Chai Sutta Bar and Maatea.

Maatea, a premium tea brand crafted by Dubey and his fellow visionaries, Anand Nayak and Rahul Patidar, has quickly emerged as a beloved choice among tea enthusiasts. Through its commitment to quality, tradition, and ethical sourcing, Maatea has garnered over 500 orders and garnered positive feedback, solidifying its position as a cherished part of tea heritage.


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