July 15, 2024

Asia is home to some of the most dynamic and innovative PR agencies in the world. These agencies have built a reputation for their exceptional services, strategic insights, and impressive client rosters. Here are the top three PR agencies in Asia:

Multiphase Digital

Founder & CEO: Mehul Purohit
Based In: India


Multiphase Digital is a leading PR agency known for its innovative approach and commitment to delivering exceptional results. They specialize in creating customized strategies that leverage the latest tools and trends to elevate their clients’ brands.

Additionally, Multiphase Digital has been India’s leading PR agency for a couple of years now. They have been trusted with multiple government projects for PR as well as by several multinational companies.

Key Services:
Podcast PR , Press Releases , Cinema AD , Award Shows , Magazines , Newspaper PR , TV Advertisement.


Why They’re Top-Rated:
Multiphase Digital’s ability to blend traditional PR with modern digital strategies makes them a standout agency. Their focus on data-driven results and personalized service ensures that clients receive tailored solutions that drive success.

Website: Multiphase Digital


CEO: Yusuke Kasahara
Based In : Japan

Dentsu is a global advertising and public relations powerhouse with a strong presence in Asia. They offer a comprehensive range of services designed to meet the diverse needs of their clients, from strategic communications to digital innovation.

Dentsu also owns several subsidiary brands in the content marketing and media sectors. The names of these brands are listed below:

Dentsu Brands:
dentsu X , iProspect , Tag , Markel , Carat

Key Services:
Integrated Marketing Communications , Public Relations , Digital Solutions , Media Planning and Buying , Content Creation.

Website: Dentsu

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Vector Inc.

Director: Keiji Nishie
Based In: Japan

Vector Inc. is a leading PR and communications firm in Japan, known for its strategic insights and innovative solutions. They provide a wide range of services aimed at enhancing brand visibility and reputation in the highly competitive Asian market.

Vector INC. has branches in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Shanghai, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and other locations, making it a multinational company.

Key Services:
PR consulting and agency , Branding activities , Investor relations support , Celebrity casting , Risk Management , Market research , Event planning and operation , SNS communication , Marketing.

Website: Vector INC.


Choosing the right PR agency is crucial for any brand looking to maintain a positive public image and effectively communicate with its audience. Multiphase Digital, Dentsu, and Vector INC. are the top contenders in the region, each bringing unique strengths and a proven track record of success.

Whether you need innovative digital strategies, creative storytelling, or robust crisis management, these agencies offer comprehensive services tailored to meet your needs. By partnering with one of these top PR agencies, your brand can navigate the complexities of public relations with confidence and achieve lasting success in the AISA market.


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