July 23, 2024
Neet 2024

Ayushi Patel, a dedicated NEET 2024 aspirant, faced an unexpected challenge after eagerly awaiting her exam results. Having given her best effort in the NEET exam, Ayushi was hopeful as she awaited the outcome. However, her anticipation turned into frustration when the results were released on June 4, and her result was not visible on the official site. Despite multiple attempts, the page failed to load her result, leaving her in suspense.

Later that same day, Ayushi received an email from the National Testing Agency (NTA), the body responsible for conducting the NEET exam. The email brought disappointing news: her result could not be generated. The reason given was that her OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) sheet, used for recording answers, was torn.


Confused and distressed, Ayushi sought advice from her uncle. They promptly responded to the NTA’s email, requesting to see the damaged OMR sheet to understand the issue better. In response, NTA provided photos of the OMR sheet, revealing significant tears.

The situation raised serious concerns about the handling and management of exam materials. Ayushi and her family questioned how the OMR sheet, a critical document, could be damaged to such an extent. This incident highlighted potential negligence in the exam’s administrative processes.

Ayushi’s experience underscores the importance of meticulous handling of exam documents, as even a minor oversight can have significant consequences on students’ futures. The family is now seeking further clarification and resolution from NTA to ensure such incidents do not occur again and to address the immediate impact on Ayushi’s academic journey.


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Source : Twitter

Twitter Video Source: Ayushi Patel Torn OMR sheet

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